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Youth Ministry Training Corps

See The Lack... Do Something

Mr. Levern McFadden - Founder

Community Development Initiative 

Youth Ministry Training Corps - YMTC

Youth Ministry Training Corps - YMTC
Youth Ministry Training Corps Leader Weekend Drill & Academic Program

Weekend Drill and Academic Program

Military Style Summer CampMilitary Style Summer Camp

After School Program

Mission, Program Descriptions, and Schedule

Mentoring ProgramMentoring Program

Behavioral Services

Behavioral Modification

Character Development

Individual Therapy

Family Support

Group Therapy

Peer Group

Teen Residential Support

Independent Living

Medical Assistant




Drum Line




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Drill Team

Reality Drama Club



Music Ministry

Uniqué Exposure Gospel Singers

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Manager/ Assistant Manager: Uniqué Exposure Gospel Singers – Levern McFadden (JX)

Manager/Assistant Manager: The Sons of Southland Gospel Singers – Lee Samuel McFaden (BB) /Levern Cooper

Manager/Assistant Manager: Serenity & Praise – Levern McFadden (JX) /Evelyn Freeman, Phd.

Contact- 803-848-5680 (South Carolina)

Contact 800-622-4103 (Maryland)